Lindell Chocolate Shoppe and downtown Lake Linden
in the early 1900's.

The Lindell Chocolate Shoppe is housed in the Joseph Bosch Building in Lake Linden Michigan, which has been named to the National Register of Historic Places and is labeled a "site of outstanding historical and architectural significance" by the Michigan History Division of the Department of State. The building was originally a warehouse for beer magnate Joseph Bosch in 1893. Over the years, the building has also been home to a grocery, a mercantile, an indoor archery range, and The Lindell Chocolate Shoppe since 1922.

business was located a few doors north of where it is now and was founded by Louis Grammas and James Pallis who specialized in homemade candies, ice cream, fruits, tobacco and various other assorted sundries.  Grammas and Pallis took Lindell's name from Lake Linden and nearby Hubbell.   The interior of the present building was purchased from the Brand Company for a price of $3,700 in 1922. It is noted for its fine woodwork and remains virtually unchanged from its original design. The interior is one of the best examples left of early wood and stained glass decor. Golden Oak was used exclusively in the combination restaurant/bar with an elaborate archway separating the two areas, timber beams on the ceiling and a carved wood mezzanine.  Visitors are greeted by Lindell's original illuminated stained glass sign which hangs above turn-of-the-century cloth roll-away canopies and large paned display windows.  The building is accented by an ornate, bracketed metal cornice and a cooper clad base.

Grammas and Pallis eventually sold the business in 1916 to John and Angelo Gekas who retained ownership for approximately 43 years.  Richard and Frances Grunow took over in 1977.  They have retained the 1920's decor and have undergone several restoration projects to enhance the restaurant's intrinsic atmosphere.  In 1982, the Grunow's application for State and Historic designation of Lindell's and the Joseph Bosch Brewery Building was successful.

Outside Corner
Corner of Lindell's during 1990's
Today, the buisiness stands as the last original 1920's style confectionery in the State of Michigan.  The restaurant still displays many vintage remnants from it's early days, including coin operated nickelodeons, an antique Taylormade ice cream machine, and an original oaken ice box.  The menu has been expanded and features full service family dining, homemade ice cream, tobacco products, copper, newspapers, beer, wine, and liquor.  The many favorable comments by tourists, as well as local people, of which there have been 3 and 4 generations coming since childhood, attest to the appreciation still held by many, for a historic bit of the past is still maintained in our ever changing plastic society.

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A look through downtown Lake Linden during the 1990's. Resting prominently in the foreground, you can see the former Joseph Bosch Building, which has housed the Lindell Chocolate Shoppe for over 80 years.   The features which make the business historically significant, such as it's sandstone brick foundation, copper clad base, cloth canopies, and it's colorful stained glass sign are all original Lindell's decor dating back to 1920.

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