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The Lindell Chocolate Shoppe: A U.P. Tradition Continues Under New Ownership

Lindell Chocolate Shoppe 1922
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There was quite a stir on the street in early June of 1922 when Louis Grammas (Grammatakakis) and Jim Pallis (Pamatopallis) opened the doors of their new restaurant location at 300 Calumet Sreet. The interior featured up-to-date American Handicraft/Art Deco motifs in the former Joseph Bosch Building. Since 1887, when it replaced a structure burned to the ground in Lake Linden's great fire which demolished the central part of the village, the building was one of the prominent retail locations in the business district. Situated on the corner of Third and Calumet, the store had a beautiful façade, and cornice detail in the Italianate style.

Messers Grammas and Pallis had bought the building in 1918, at the end of the Great War, and into this location they combined two shops; one originally in Hubbell,and one just north of the current location at 310 Calumet, where it had been located since 1902. Before 1918, the building had housed both Poull Mercantile (owned by Joseph Bosch) and the Lake Linden Food Cooperative. In 1915, the Vigelius Electric Motor Co. began manufacture of small electric motors on both floors of the building and an elevator was installed on the northwest corner of the building.

When the drayage driver pulled up to the Lake Linden - Hubbell depot in March of 1922, to pick up the shipment of interior fixtures for the new Lindell Restaurant, he noted that they came from Robert Brand & Sons of Oshkosh, WI via the Copper Range Railroad. The new interior was listed as “ special order of _ sawn oak with an Antwerp finish”. Since 1922 the furnishings have not changed except for some repair of table tops, and minor repairs. One recent customer said, “I really wish they had not replaced the top on my favorite table as my wife and my initials were in there from high school days!”

The interior, which has been returned to the original 1922 paint scheme (hidden under 4 layers of wallpaper!), features a Italian terra cotta tile floor in gold, white, and turquoise. The soda fountain features almost Frank Lloyd Wright styled stained glass in the American Handicraft/ early Art Deco tradition, in geometric patterns of gold, and brown glass. This theme is carried to the booth chandeliers which cast light on either wood or etched slate table tops (the originals).

Lindell'sLindell Chocolate Shoppe derives its name from the fact that it served both Lake Linden and Hubbell and has been operated by only 4 owners since 1902! In addition to the originators of the business, brothers John and Angelo Gekes, relations of Mr. Grammas, purchased the business in 1937. The Gekes family represented in later years by Bea Gekes, sold to Francis and Richard Grunow of downstate Clawson in 1977. Richard was a lover of things antique, and displayed many things from his collection in the shop during their tenure as owners. The Grunows worked hard to maintain and restore the shop to its original condition. The original 1920's Art Deco neon lighted sign on the front of the building was restored by the Grunows in 1980.

Further, to bring the Lindell into the twenty-first century, We have had Pasty.NET install a free wireless hot spot, making Lindell the Torch Lake's first and only cyber café. Tasty coffee and great homemade baked goods while surfing the web, awesome!

The return to the past and the look to future at a place where “Grandpa met Grandma” is as exciting now as that warm day in Spring of 1922 when the “new” Lindell interior was unveiled.

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